Behind the Booth: Reflecmedia at NAB 2012

First off, we’d like to thank everyone who came by to see our booth at NAB 2012! There was a great turnout, and we got an opportunity to meet many people, and show off some great new gear!

One of the frequent questions we’re asked as both distributors of Reflecmedia and video producers ourselves is, “What gear are you using?”. This question obviously goes far beyond simply the LiteRing and background, including the lighting, camera, keying software and more. Well, you saw the incredible results at NAB, so we’ll start off by telling you exactly what we were using there!

In previous years, Reflecmedia brought many 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of gear, much of it even in a single box! Well, thanks to Blackmagic Design, there’s no longer a need to drop that much money on a downstream keyer any longer.


The new Reflecmedia gear we demonstrated to everyone at NAB is another reason for excitement. Having new gear to use with your chroma key set up is awesome, but the improvements themselves will continue to make things easier and quicker. The dual LiteRing, for example, switches easily between green and blue just by flicking a switch. Once you’ve dialed in your intensity settings for green, you can switch to blue and control each color independently. The controller also saves the most recent settings used, eliminating the guesswork from your scene.

For anyone using this technology for location shoots, we’ve got you covered: The new controller has a battery plate on the back, so you can use this gear without being tied to a wall for AC power!

Another exciting ability we have uncovered is that these new set ups now make it a truly viable option for strobe photography. Here’s the settings and results from one of our tests:

Camera: Canon 5D Markii
Shutter Speed: 1/125
F-Stop: F8
ISO: 200
LiteRing Control: 70%
Set up: Photoflex Dome Strobe synced to camera @ 45 degrees off subject
reflector to 90 degrees right of subject.