Photoplus 2013

Photoplus 2013


Thank you for stopping by our booth at Photoplus Expo 2013! For this being our first time at the expo, we had a generally great response, and are very excited to reach out and continue the conversation.

Reflecmedia_Photoplus_2013If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you asked us to scan your badge at PPE 2013 and send you some additional information, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Whether you’re actively doing Chroma-key work, view it as a possibility soon, or are just interested in new technologies specific to visual media, we’re here to answer your questions and continue showing you how Reflecmedia could make your projects so much simpler.

First off, the technology we supply has two main parts: the LED LiteRing, and the Chromatte curtain. The LiteRing is straightforward enough; you attach it to your lens, choose green or blue, adjust the brightness, and you’re all set. The curtain, called Chromatte, is a retro-reflective fabric containing thousands of cat-eye shaped glass beads that reflect light back at the source (also called on-axis). This allows the camera to see a brilliant Chroma green or blue without any of the drawbacks of traditional green screens.

DSLR LiteRing GreenBut you saw that at the show, right? So what else can I tell you about this stuff? Well, we have a couple of places containing some great information, demos and additional tech-jargon, which can really help remind you why you were curious about this to begin with:

Also, as the US Sales Director, I’m making myself personally available for any questions you have, including pricing and estimates, availability, troubleshooting or concerns with your specific needs. As a Photoplus visitor, you’re also eligible for a 10% discount on any purchase before Dec. 31st, 2013!

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